Rules & Etiquette Tips

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Rules and Etiquette Tips

  • There is a Dress code. Proper clothing is required while visiting the Golf Club/Golf Course. Please check with each course for the dress code.
  • You are not allowed on the grass area in front of the tee line
  • Do not leave small children by themselves. An adult must be with them at all times
  • No practicing outside tee areas.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and other players, when walking to a tee area
  • Please fix dents in the grass made by your ball
  • If a piece of grass is torn off by your golf club, please use bottles of sand and grass seeds to fill in the empty spots.
  • Please be careful where you walk or drive golf carts. If a sign says “ground under repair” please avoid it. Walking or driving your cart over low, worn or wet areas will damage the grass.
  • Please keep all push carts or motorized golf carts 30 feet away from putting greens. When using a motorized golf cart, please stick to the cart path as much as possible.
  • If your ball lands on a sand trap (bunker), please rake the sand until it is smooth after collecting your ball.
  • Please do not stay at one hole for too long. Keep the game at a steady pace. You should be able to see the group in front of you at all times.

Pace of Play suggestions:

Tips on how to keep a Steady Pace while Playing:

  • Try to place your golf bag on the same side of the green that you will finish your put on. It will reduce the need to walk all the way around the green.
  • The first player to get his/her ball in the hole should pick up the flag and collect their ball quickly so that the next player can have their turn.
  • Before you leave your golf cart, try to plan ahead. Think about how many golf clubs you may need for the next few holes and take them with you to reduce trips back to the cart.
  • In rainy weather, keep your golf clubs dry and ready to play. Bring a towel and lay down any golf clubs you are not going to use, so that they stay dry.
  • The words “Ready Golf” mean you do not have to play in a certain order. Players take their turn whenever they are ready. Everyone should walk or ride to their own ball and prepare for their next stroke. Whoever is ready first, should take their turn. Then, the next ready player should take their turn, until all players have had their turn.
  • Please aim only at the targets or the center of the range
  • Club management will not be responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Guests and players are responsible for their own actions. Persons on or about the golf course assume any and all liability for any injuries, damages or health risks while on Club premises.

These rules and regulations will be enforced by Club

Management and Staff to ensure the safety of all our Guests.

Thank you!